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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your answer here, please email me at


What is the Instagram subscription all about??

Starting November 2023 I am now offering a subscription service through Instagram. You will need an instagram account in order to subscribe. The subscription is $19.99 a month and you will receive a new mystery piece each month as well as exclusive content on my instagram account. The glass pieces will all be ornament pieces that will range in size but will be approximately 3in. x 3in. pieces. I will be showing what each months subscription pieces are but will be making them in an assortment of colors, so each subscriber will receive a mystery one! As for the exclusive content on my Instagram account, you will have private access to more in-depth videos about the stained glass process. I will also be sharing behind the scenes content and regular updates and announcements regarding upcoming drops.

Can I order a custom piece?

I absolutely love doing custom pieces but unfortunately I am currently all booked up and are no longer taking customs or commissions at this time. I may start taking customs/commissions later this year but I do not have a set date yet. For now the only pieces available are the ones in my monthly drops.

Everything is sold out??

I get this comment a lot because I do monthly drops of about 35 pieces and they tend to sell out within the first few days. If you would like to stay up to date with my drop schedule so that you can grab one of my pieces, please follow my social media pages for monthly updates.

Instagram: @spectras_moonshop

Tiktok: @spectrasmoonshop

How do the monthly drops work?

Every month I make anywhere from 35-45 pieces and once they are all done I add them all to my website so that they can be purchased. It is first come first serve and they tend to go quickly so I always recommend to get to the website right as I open if you want a specific piece. I update my social medias monthly on when exactly each monthly drop will happen.

Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, I am now shipping internationally!

  • Some countries currently have limits and restrictions on international shipping due to Covid so if you are not in the United States please check your countries shipping restrictions before placing an order. 

  • At this time international shipping rates are quite high so unfortunately my rates are high as well to match that and I can not change them. 

  • All international orders will be shipped through USPS priority international which takes 6-10 days.

  • LOST OR BROKEN PIECES: USPS priority international shipping comes with up to $200 insurance. In the unfortunate case in which a piece arrives broken you will need to fill out a lost or broken package form on the USPS website so that you can be reimbursed for some or all of what you paid for the piece. 

How do I care for my glass piece?

  • If your piece is meant to hang, please ensure that it is hung securely. Stained glass is very heavy and can pull nails out of the wall if it is not properly hung. 

  • Due to the fragility and use of chemicals in each piece, please keep your piece out of the reach of children and animals. 

  • If your piece becomes dirty or dusty please wash carefully with water only! I recommend air drying but if you'd like to wipe it dry, use a solf towel or paper towel and gently wipe the glass clean. Avoid scrubbing the black solder lines. 

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